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Magnetic Nanostructures studied by Mössbauer spectrometry


prof. Jean-Marc Greneche

Institut des Molécules et Matériaux du Mans, Le Mans Université, Francja

After discussing the main characteristics of magnetic nanostructures, including nanoparticles, multilayers, and nanostructured materials, we review the questions that need to be resolved in order a better understanding their structural and physical properties. The first step is to establish correlations between their physical properties and their size, the morphology and chemical composition of the crystalline grains, the thickness of the grain boundaries and the quality of the interfaces, respectively. The second step is to distinguish the nature of surfaces and grain boundaries and to understand their role on the magnetic properties. To illustrate this strategy, we give some examples based on results obtained by ^57 Fe Mössbauer spectrometry, a local probe technique well appropriate to the study of these complex Fe-containing nanomaterials. We show that this fundamental approach is necessary to better understand the relationship between the morphology of nanostructures and their physical and chemical properties.

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Żel fizyczny utworzony przez żelator methyl-4,6-O-(p-nitrobenzylidene)-α-D-glukopyranozę z butanolem w stężeniu 2%, obraz z polaryzacyjnego mikroskopu optycznego