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  • Two PPMS systems (Physical Property Measurement System, Quantum Design) with following options:
    • heat capacity (1.9-400K, magnetic field up to 9T)
    • transport (electrical resistivity, magnetoresistance, Hall effect, angular dependences), thermopower and thermal conductivity measurements - all from 1.9K up to 400K and magnetic field up to 9T
    • ac/dc magnetometric measurements (magnetic susceptibility, magnetization); up to 1000K in the case of the dc measurements with the VSM option
  • Furnances for high-temperature synthesis (induction melting, arc melting)
  • Vacuum devices for amorphous ribbons preparation
  • Devices for mechanical alloying
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter (Netzsch DSC 200) from 150 K to 1500 K
PPMS – versatile system
PPMS – versatile system
PPMS – versatile system magnetometer
PPMS – versatile system magnetometer

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Żel fizyczny utworzony przez żelator methyl-4,6-O-(p-nitrobenzylidene)-α-D-glukopyranozę z butanolem w stężeniu 2%, obraz z polaryzacyjnego mikroskopu optycznego