Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of participation in Scientific Exhibition and advertisement campaign
at the European Conference Physics of Magnetism 2014 (PM'14)

  1. The Conference is organized jointly by the Institute of Molecular Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Faculty of Physics of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań which are thereafter referred to as "Organizer".
  2. The term "Exhibitor/Advertiser" refers to any person, a firm, a company or any other entity which applied for exhibition space/advertisement campaigns in the conference booklet or in the conference briefcase during the PM'14 Conference.
  3. Acceptance of submission is the document, which confirmed the participation in the scientific exhibition or gives right to the advertisement during the PM'14. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the submission within two weeks from the registration. The Organizer is not obliged to specify reason for such a rejection.
  4. The advertising materials should be submitted by 12th June, 2014, at the expense and responsibility of Exhibitor/Advertiser.
  5. The Advertiser must pay total fee for half page advertisement in conference booklet and advertising materials in the conference briefcase before the end of the march 2014. Exhibitor's fee covers a half page advertisement in the conference booklet.
  6. The exhibition space will be allocated upon the receipt of an official Exhibition Application form and prepayment of 1500 PLN of the total fee which amounts to 3500 PLN fee. The Organizer will issue a confirmation of space allocation upon the receipt of the payment. This will constitute a "contract" between the Organizer and the Exhibitor.
  7. The Exhibitor has to pay at least 1500 PLN of the 3500 PLN total fee by the end of April 2014. The full amount due should be transferred to the Organizer by the end of May 2014.
  8. In case the Exhibitor wishes to cancel his/her participation in the Exhibition, he/she is obliged to submit a written request to the Organizer. If the Organizer receives the request before June 15th, 2014 Exhibitor's fee less the initial payment of 1500 PLN will be reimbursed. No refund will be done for requests received after June 15th.
  9. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the contract by returning the payment within 30 days from the receipt. The Organizer is not obliged to specify reason for such a cancellation.
  10. Questions not covered in "Terms and conditions..." will be decided by the Organizer.
  11. The Organizer reserves the rights to choose exhibition floor layout.
  12. The Organizer will provide standard stands for the exhibition (approx. 10 m2). The stands will be outfitted with power supply. Custom designed stands must be approved by the Organizer. The wireless internet access is available throughout the University Campus.
  13. A lecture hall will be available for Exhibitors wishing to deliver a short presentation of their companies and/or items on display.
  14. In certain unforeseen circumstances the Organizer may change the duration of the exhibition and the exhibition hours.
  15. The Organizer will provide security on the venue but will not accept liability for loss or damage.
  16. The Exhibitor is obliged to comply with requests from the Organizer concerning the management of the exhibition.
  17. The Exhibitor bears the responsibility for all the items in exhibition space allocated to him/her.
  18. Two persons per registered Exhibitor will be entitled to take part in all conference activities (lectures, welcome party, excursion, concert etc.). Every additional representative must be registered as an accompanying person with an appropriate fee.


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