Thursday, June 26, 2014

After the lunch, we will travel to Lednica to visit (1) the Museum of the First Piasts. The tour will include the Greater Poland Ethnographic Park, exposition in Dziekanowice grange and the Little Skansen (open air museum) located next to the ferry to Ostrów Lednicki. The conference banquet will be held there, with a special, historically themed show.

During the banquet it will be possible to take the ferry and visit Ostrów Lednicki.

Optionally, our guests can choose to skip the first two items of the itinerary and go instead to see (2) the Ichthys of Lednica and the House (Museum) of John Paul II.

You can tell us about your choice using an on-line questionnaire (link received via email) or at the Conference Desk during registration.

We are going to spend most of the time outdoors and do a fair amount of walking. Please dress accordingly!


(1) Museum of the First Piasts at Lednica
Museum of the First Piasts at Lednica

The Museum includes the archaeological reservation at Ostrów Lednicki - a Historical Monument of the Polish Nation - and the Greater Poland Ethnographic Park. Under the roof exposition in Dziekanowice grange includes the collection of early medieval military equipment which is one of the most extensive in Central Europe.

Ostrów Lednicki is the island on Lake Lednica with relics of residential and sacral stone architecture from the times of Mieszko I and Boleslaus the Valiant (the 10th and 11th century). These two rulers from Piast dynasty were largely responsible for the creation of the Polish state. The island is one of the possible places of the baptism of Mieszko I in 966, a seminal event in a history of Poland.

Greater Poland Ethnographic Park presents a variety of architectural structures from the historical region of Greater Poland (Wielkopolska in Polish) dating from 17th to 20th centuries. The fully furnished interiors constitute an integral part of the exhibition.


(2) Ichthys of Lednica (The Fish Gate of Lednica)
Ichthys of Lednica

Pola Lednickie, near the Lake Lednica, is the place of the major annual gathering of Polish Catholic youth – The Poland-wide Youth Meeting Lednica 2000 (known as Lednica). Lednica gatherings were initiated in 1997 by the famous Dominican friar Jan Góra. The site of the gatherings is dominated by Ichthys of Lednica (also known as The Third Millenium Gate), the 36 m wide steel sculpture in the shape of the fish. The House (Museum) of John Paul II located nearby houses papal memorabilia attesting to pope's special connection with Lednica youth. The House serves also as the place for meetings and the Pope's teachings studies.


Excursion for accompanying persons

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

In the afternoon, we will have Poznań Old Town walking tour. Please let us know during the registration if your accompanying person would like to take part in this event.

Gathering at 2:30 p.m. near the registration desk.

You will see:


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