The venue of XXIV Polish–Czech Seminar is Karczowiska, Poland. The Karczowiska village is located in central part of Lower Silesia Province in southwestern Poland. Lower Silesia is one of the richest provinces in Poland as it has valuable natural resources such as copper, brown coal and rock materials, which are exploited by the biggest enterprises. Although much of the region is relatively low-lying it also includes Sudeten Foreland and part of the Sudetes mountain range running along the Polish/Czech border. Furthermore, the province is famous for a large number of historical monuments.

The ‘Chata Karczowiska’ Hotel & Restaurant is located 11 km far from Legnica city, an economic, cultural and academic centre in Lower Silesia and important tourist destination. The city is renowned for its architecture, spanning from early medieval to modern period, its preserved Old Town with the Piast Castle, parks, gardens and seven hundred hectares of green space, mostly along the banks of the Kaczawa river.


XXIV Polish-Czech Seminar Structural and Ferroelectric Phase Transitions 2020