ISCOM 2011
September 25-30, 2011

9th International Symposium on Crystalline Organic Metals, Superconductors and Ferromagnets

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Institute of Molecular Physics
Polish Academy of Sciences
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60-179 PoznaƄ, Poland
tel: +48 61 8695271, 8695165
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Invited Speakers

  • Claude Bourbonnais, University of Sherbrooke (Canada)
    On the Mechanism of Superconductivity Close to Antiferromagnetism in Low Dimensional Organic Conductors
  • Serguei Brazovski, University of Paris-Sud Orsay (France)
    Ten Years of the Electronic Frroelectricity in Organic Materials
  • Eugenio Coronado, Instituto de Sciencia Molecular (Spain)
    Hybrid Magnetic Superconductors by Chemical Design
  • Natalia Drichko, University of Stuttgart (Germany)
    Reduced Influence of Electronic Correlations in a Half-Filled System: Metallic Properties and Metal-Insulator Transition in κ-(ET)2Hg(SCN)2Cl
  • Kazushi Kanoda, University of Tokyo (Japan)
    Quantum Criticality, Charge/Lattice Separation and Deconfinement of Spins in Neutral-Ionic Transition
  • Reizo Kato, RIKEN (Japan)
    Molecular Quantum Spin Liquid with Tunable Triangular Lattice
  • Dominique Lorcy, University of Rennes 1 (France)
    Single-Component Molecular Conductors Based on Thiazole Dithiolate and Diselenolate Gold Complexes
  • Takehiko Mori, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)
    Organic Electronics Based on Organic Charge Transfer Complexes
  • Janice Musfeldt, University of Tennessee (USA)
    Magneto-Elastic Coupling in Molecule-Based Materials
  • Lahcene Ouahab, University of Rennes 1 (France)
    Luminescence and Single Molecule Magnet Behaviour in Ln(III) Complexes Based on Redox Active Ligands Derived from TTFs
  • Ben Powell, University of Queensland (Australia)
    Towards First Principles Theories for Organic Charge Transfer Salts
  • Jean-Paul Pouget, University of Paris-Sud Orsay (France)
    Charge Ordering in Low Dimensional Organic Conductors: Structural Aspects
  • Takahiko Sasaki, Tohoku University (Japan)
    Influence of Randomness on the Mott Transition in κ-(BEDT-TTF)2X
  • Simon Wall, Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford (UK)
    Quantum Interference Between Charge Excitation Paths in an Organic Mott Insulator
  • Jun-ichi Yamada, University of Hyogo (Japan)
    Control of Electron Correlation by Difference of Stereochemistry in Donor Molecules
  • Shingo Yonezawa, Kyoto University (Japan)
    Superconducting Gap Structure and Phase Diagram of (TMTSF)2ClO4 Studied by Field Angle Resolved Calorimetry